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ARCHIVES FOR August, 2010

Searching for My Christopher Nolan Moment
So I've finally seen Christopher Nolan's Inception (I know I'm lame), and now I know why it's been trending on Twitter all summer long. Oh. My. Goodness. Mr. Nolan. I always knew you were a master of your craft (you had me at Memento), but this film is a true masterpiece. For me the film struck the right balance between blowing my ...more»
Michael Kalish: Color-blind Visionary
Michael Kalish, "Beatlemania", 2008 License plates on aluminum, 135" x 60" (triptych) Once upon a time, back in my wild single days (gross exaggeration), I once lived with two incredibly (somewhat sickeningly) beautiful and (enviously) talented girls. Thankfully, they were both sweet and humble, too. They were driven, gifted, successful and constantly dating. I literally sat at home on Saturday nights watching them ...more»
My Daily Dose of a Reality Check
In his twenties no more. Sobering, isn't it? Observe: Culkin age 10 and (gulp) 30. Look who's turning the big"3-0" today: Macaulay Culkin of "Home Alone" infamy could now watch "Thirty-something" and get something out of it. He's "thirty, flirty and thriving!" What. Is. Going. On. Here? Is that facial hair? ...more»
Anne Rice Called: She Wants a New Tribe
I once read an interview with Drew Barrymore that I loved. She was charming and endearing in the best possible way, but what really stuck with me, is Barrymore's idea of building a family of friends, a close-knit community she calls her "tribe." They share her interests, her outlook on life, and most importantly, they've been the family she never ...more»