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ARCHIVES FOR September, 2010

Little Monuments Everywhere
This past Sunday I got churched. In the process of said churching (not so sure "church" exists as a verb outside the dialect of "Master of What"/my loonie mind), the idea of "monuments" or markers of important occasions was discussed. Noah Webster, the man who felt inferior to some red coats and their language so he started American English (that's why ...more»
Facebook vs. Face Time
Just the other day on Facebook, a "friend" (and really great live person, too) linked up this article on Relevant magazine about social networking in light of Sony Pictures' new film The Social Network opening in a week. The article "What's Actually on Your Mind" addresses the dualistic conundrum of sites like Facebook, Twitter and the-not-so-relevant-anymore MySpace. Dualistic because while ...more»
I’m Starting to Annoy Myself–Really
I used to teach English. It's true. In the midst of plot structure and literary devices, I also tackled grammar as well as vocabulary through Greek and Latin roots and affixes. I have praised the likes of Socrates for his methods of education and discussion and helped young writers develop their own tone and voice in their writing. So why on ...more»
Baptism: The Already and the Not Yet
"Baptism," by Abdi Farah charcoal, dirt, black pigment I've lived to see a sweet day come into fruition; our baby lady twins were baptized over the weekend. I can tell you there was a season of life where I was certain that day would not come, but it has, and I am humbled to report we were witness to it all whilst ...more»
Psssssst… Post Secret Confessions
The book Post Secret: Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives has kept my attention lately. I was first introduced to this anonymous yet very public community art project while visiting a local writer's group called Mourning Dove. It was an inspiring evening with some enlightened and emotionally available folks. At the end of the workshop, the group's leader, the unassumingly prolific Nita Andrews, ...more»
Friday Night Lights Gets Hitched to a Red Band Trailer
Finally, with just one more season left to film, "Friday Night Lights" is gettin' some much needed love and attention. A little TLC if you will. Not only were stars Kyle Chandler (that's Coach Eric Taylor to you civilians) and his lovely costar the incredibly talented Connie Britton (counselor/principal/counselor Tami Taylor) nominated for Emmy awards, but the show itself was ...more»