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ARCHIVES FOR October, 2010

Marie Claire Blogger Makes a Big, ‘FAT’ Oopsy
CBS comedy "Mike & Molly" Oh, me. Oh, my. On Monday, Marie Claire blogger Maura Kelly took to the magazine's website to suggest "overweight couples"--or as she fondly refers to these folks, "fatties"--should "get a room" when making out, kissing, or showing affection of any kind. The lucky subjects Kelly is referring to are the stars on CBS's comedy "Mike & ...more»
Donald Miller’s Having a Very Good Day
If you've read this blog much, you know I have quite the affinity for the writing of Donald Miller and the message it's sharing (thus the rEdONculous little drawring to the right). I've spoken a great deal about living a better life story (my version: Do It Already, Kara)--something the Don does a fantastic job of describing in his book ...more»
Giuliana & Bill: Real Justification for Reality TV
Last night I proudly gave in to another episode of the Style Network's Giuliana & Bill. I had become a fan of the show's previous season as the couple had begun to open up about their struggle with infertility, something that's very much been a part of my own story. Giuliana Rancic can be seen on E! News and nearly every ...more»
Reality Check
What does it all mean, my closet-no-more-though-perpetually-shameful obsession with reality television? How did this all happen? Is it possible to blame my former roommates Nat and Cyndi for making me watch that first season of Survivor ("Richard, you're a sssnake.")? Does having a graduate degree exempt me from the self-imposed judgment that causes me shame? Why do I watch these ...more»
Someone Already Did It Better: Ann Carrington
Before I'd ever met my husband, before grad school and teaching, and certainly before I ever had the baby ladies, I wanted to be an artist. Not a painter really, but someone who paints with beads. A sculptor of sorts. We were out there in limited numbers, the bead artists, but I wanted to use beads to "paint" on a ...more»
A (Shhh!) Cussing Christian’s Guide to Faking It
Newsflash: Christians do say "no-no" words. You know the ones; the kind that ended up on the bathroom stalls at school. The kind that seep out so easily--just like breathing, actually--whilst being cut of by that *%#@!$#. Those words. Not that I do. But on the rarest of occasions. Okay, I'll just say it for all of us. Cussing is vulgar. When you ...more»
“I Saw You on ‘Wheel of Fortune'”
Last night I got to celebrate a friend's birthday with some tribal members--a much-needed opportunity to catch up with some of my compadres. The hubs was gracious enough to watch the Ladies while I went out for some Korean BBQ tacos--so, so good, by the way. A crazy combo, the Asian-meets-and-aggressively-kisses-the-Mexican-food-goodness of the Korean BBQ taco. But... It. Is. Delicioso. ...more»