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ARCHIVES FOR January, 2011

THRIVE and Happiness: I Just Doubled My Income. (Not really.)
Ever wake up after weeks, months, years wondering where the time went? When the busyness of life began to become the business of life. It's like when you're on your morning commute, and you realize you're half way to work but you have absolutely no idea or recollection of how you got there. Scary stuff. That must be why some folks ...more»
The Cultural Relevancy of, Like, the Oscars
A fella named Oscar came to town today, seeking out those who've been 'good'--well, actually, those who've been really good--in the film world this year. And while I realize some may find the smugness of Hollywood types off-putting, I'd also like to offer a case for acknowledging the truly great performances of an art form created to reflect you, me, ...more»
‘Glee’ to Be You and Me
"Some will win. Some will lose. Some are born to sing the blues..." 'Tis the season for the Master of What? to master some pop culture phenoms, first with "24" and now with the recently crowned "Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy" at the Golden Globes-- "Glee." How on earth I have managed to stay away from this little wunderkind, ...more»
Mercy, Geysers, and Broadway Musicals
Like so many things in life, I've learned a lot by playing make believe. Really. As a kid who logged some serious hours on a stage and spent her free time watching musicals (Hello Dolly! the Barbra Streisand version, thank you), many a life lesson came via a character study. Take mercy, for example. You'd think I'd have first heard about ...more»
Colin Firth’s Utterly Perfect Performance in ‘The King’s Speech’
Last night was a gratifying Golden Globes broadcast for me as a fan of film--and no, not because Ricky Gervais ripped all of Hollywood a new one. All of the films nominated for 'Best Picture - Drama,' and the actors bringing those characters to life, gave some absolutely stunning performance, the kind that make you forget you're watching a film. ...more»
Award Season Junkie
I am an award season junkie. I read all the polls on the nominees and watch all the red carpets. The Emmys, SAGs, BAFTAs, Critics Choice, etc. are the playoffs. If the Golden Globes and Independent Spirit Awards are the NFC and AFC championaships, the 'Big Game' is the Academy Awards--that's Oscar to folks like me. As a former actor-turned-celebrity-blogger, these ...more»
Jim Carrey’s ‘SNL’ BLACK SWAN Spoof: There Are No Words, BUT…
This past Saturday, Jim Carrey hosted "Saturday Night Live" (with musical guest The Black Keys--Woot!), and it was the highest rated show since Betty White got her NPR talk on during her hosting duties. Honestly, this really isn't a shocker. The man is rock 'em, sock 'em HI-larious, whatever that means. It should be said that I'm a fan of Natalie ...more»
What Would Jack Do?
I didn't know Jack--Jack Bauer, that is. Until last week, the hubs and I had held out on "24" simply because we didn't have time to be immersed in another TV show. We were devout followers of "Lost," you see, and only very recently have we (me) felt the heavy weight of mourning lift. Sigh. It is in a feeble attempt ...more»
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