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ARCHIVES FOR February, 2011

David Seidler Wins Oscar for ‘The King’s Speech’ Screenplay–At 73!
Photo: EPA If you were ever afraid it was too late to see a dream come into fruition, allow me to re-introduce you to David Seidler. At 73-years-young, the screenwriter won the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for The King's Speech (Personal fave! Colin Firth--woohoo!) last night. Incredible! In the past, I've talked about personal story and how important it is for us ...more»
We’ve All Been There: Road to the Oscars
In honor of the Academy Awards Ceremony airing tomorrow night, I thought I'd share the closest I've come to Natalie Portman's Black Swan performance, if I had ever been even remotely close to becoming a principle dancer in the New York City Ballet Company. Which is and was and always will be not at all, ever, never, never ever. Instead, ...more»
Know This Justin Bieber: Cut Your Hair and They’ll Cut You
Maybe celebrities should start polling their fans when they take major action with their looks. Take Justin Bieber. On Monday the Never Say Never hearthrob revealed his newly shorn locks, and today, just four teensy days later, it's being reported the teen superstar has lost 80,000--count 'em!-80,000 Twitter followers. Yowsers. The haircut heard 'round the world has even incited discussion ...more»
Gettin’ My Book On: Jonathan Tropper’s ‘This Is Where I Leave You’
A couple of weeks ago, I celebrated a certain birthday with a certain hubs who (along with some lovin' from our family) presented me with a new Kindle to mark the occasion. Oh, and there were cupcakes, too. To mark the occasion. Needless to say, I am smitten. Whereas Vi and I had some acquainting to do (things are working ...more»
Gettin’ My Book On: Free from ‘Freedom’
It. Is. Finished. I have finally finished Jonathan Franzen's Freedom, which has brought about a great deal of freedom in my personal life. After being chained to the darkest novel I have ever read for the last few weeks, sweet freedom is mine. Mine, I tell you! Not that the book was without merit. While SO perverse at times, it kind ...more»
Beauty Is Fleeting. Really? W Magazine Says Our Days Are Numbered!
Today is my birthday. Which is fabulous, although the actual 'number' attached to birthdays now is a bit harder to swallow. Gulp. Making that fact infinitely more...humbling, is a little W magazine article (already prone to riddle one with the feeling of  'less than' with its outrageous photo spreads of the fashionably elite) pinpointing the EXACT AGE at which a ...more»
Gettin’ My Book On: ‘The AlchemIST’
Bear with me. The suffix "-ist" means "someone who does something." Years of teaching English and drilling Greek and Latin roots and affixes into young minds can leave one with a bit of a disorder, one that involves the separation and impending divorces of words and the diagramming of all spoken sentences. Sexy? Not so much. Nerdy? Abso--bloomin-lutely! (Name that musical! My ...more»