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ARCHIVES FOR March, 2011

Funny Thing about Christians
Recently, some Nashville musician folk (Jars of Clay, Mercy Me, Thousand Foot Crutch, Matt Maher, etc.) posted a video to YouTube covering The Beatles' "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da," live I might add. The hubs has worked with some of these folks before, and we've been lucky enough to call some of them and their families friends. They're good peeps--trust--talented musicians, and clearly, ...more»
Dear You, You were my first gay friend. Openly gay friend. Friend who was open with his homosexuality--with me at least. You're a survivor. You were made strong from so much hardship. You are hilarious and thoughtful and brilliant and, at times, verbose, but in a completely lovable way about things you are extremely passionate about, said the girl with the ...more»
The Japanese Moai: The REAL Social Network
In the past I've talked about my love of Dan Buettner's book The Blue Zones, which talks about "longevity hotspots" all over the world. Buettner and his merry band traversed across the planet, from California to Costa Rica, over to Sardinia, Italy, Greece (a relatively new one) and of course, Okinawa, Japan. The folks in these areas are some of ...more»
Funny Girls Have More Fun: ‘Bridesmaids’ in New York–Now That’s Hot!
Photo Credit: Splash News Online via People magazine It's Friday, the very best day of the week. Not only has the work week bid us adieu, but we have a whole new slew of movies to look forward to this weekend. Some good. Some bad. And some, we still have to wait a coupla months to see, but Kristen Wiig is ...more»
‘Bossypants’ Tina Fey Hits the Publishing World April 5
Look who has a new memoir-like-ish book Bossypants coming out on April 5. It's the mother of the daughter Alice who coined, "I want to go to there." That's right. Tina Fey, the crush of Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson,¬† is letting the laymen in on the inner-workings of her comedic/twisted/genius mind, and I for one, am ready to say, "Yes, ...more»
Mad for the Mystery: Storyteller JJ Abrams Meets TED
My friend Chris left for a cushy spa resort vacay a coupla weeks ago, leaving behind his very preggo wife Bethany--not to mention the rest of us. I kid. Chris¬† was headed out to the TED Event in Palm Springs, Cali, and I'm just the teensiest bit jealous. Don't get me wrong: I'm glad he got to absorb the thoughts ...more»
Things I Actually Learned from Watching ‘The View’–I KNOW!
Behar and Armisen on SNL So I got sucked into "The View" this morning, not for the stories, but by the shockingly accurate Joy Behar impersonation Fred Armisen gives on "Saturday Night Live." How you say, DEAD ON? I mean, SERIOUSLY. Truth be told, I'm not such a fan of Behar; she just seems so angry, and defensive, and harsh--but hey, ...more»
Tsunami: Harbor WAVE
Katsushita Hokusai painted the Tsunami wave off Kanagawa in 1829-1833 The hubs made it to bed last night just before 2 am, exhausted from a late night of editing, and weary from the news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. So much for a restful sleep. The images from Japan are surreal and make me thankful for the comparatively slow ...more»
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