Dear You,

You were my first gay friend. Openly gay friend. Friend who was open with his homosexuality–with me at least. You’re a survivor. You were made strong from so much hardship. You are hilarious and thoughtful and brilliant and, at times, verbose, but in a completely lovable way about things you are extremely passionate about, said the girl with the blog.

I owe you an apology. That night when we sat in your car and you asked me if God could love you even if you’re gay, I didn’t handle it the right way. I said the right things, but I hesitated, trying to surmise what our faith said about being gay. We both know I’m no theologian. I hesitated because I was so much younger, and I thought I had to know everything in order to know some things. I was young enough to think I could figure it all out. But you weren’t asking to figure it all out. You were asking if God loves you.

Slap a decade and then some on me, and I’ve realized that the only wisdom that I have comes down to knowing I haven’t got a clue. But I do know this: God absolutely loves you. Thoroughly and completely loves you, just like He loves everything and everyone He created. The only thing I can boast about being sure of is that if God can love someone like me, which I believe He does, then God absolutely loves you.

That’s what I should have said and without hesitation. I’m sorry, and I hope this finds you well and well loved. I hope you’ve found Freedom and Peace beyond your wildest imagination.

With love and admiration,

Master of What?