Photo Credit: Splash News Online via People magazine

It’s Friday, the very best day of the week. Not only has the work week bid us adieu, but we have a whole new slew of movies to look forward to this weekend. Some good. Some bad. And some, we still have to wait a coupla months to see, but Kristen Wiig is so worth it.

You can catch “Saturday Night Live” major player Wiig in Paul, that odd little movie where Seth Rogen voices an alien (the hubs confessed earlier today that he’s wanting to see it–outed!), and/OR you could look ahead to seeing the Emmy-nominated comedienne in Bridesmaids, opening in theaters May 20–just in time for wedding season.

Wiig, along with the wig she dons in this film, is reason enough for me to watch this film, but check out the list of supporting characters: Melissa McCarthy (“Gilmore Girls,” Life As We Know It, and currently of the much talked about “Mike & Molly”), Maya Rudolph (YEAH!), Ellie Kemper (lovable and kooky Erin on “The Office”), and Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”). By the by, Jon Hamm was actually Kemper’s high school drama teacher back in St. Louis. Wild!

I’ve made no bones about the fact that I am quite fond of funny women for they are da bomb in my world. It takes a whole vat of talent and intellect to be that hysterical, and so I am happy to give snaps to the ones who do it so well, like say, the comedy goddess that is Tina Fey.

Something that’s stayed with me during this awards show season is Aaron Sorkin, a (Golden Globe, Oscar) winner for his adapted screenplay of The Social Network, said to his daughter during his Golden Globe acceptance speech, “Honey, look around, smart girls have more fun, and you’re one of them.” Tearing up just a bit. Two at once can do that to you.

Smart, funny girls do tend to have more fun because they always get the joke, especially when they’re writing it. Beauty may be fleeting, but I think the lovely Betty White’s last couple of years are proving that funny has staying power.

Here’s a list of the colleges and universities these funny ladies attended:

Tina Fey – University of Virginia

Kristen Wiig – University of Arizona

Ellie Kemper – Princeton University, University of Oxford

Maya Rudolph – University of California

Just sayin’.