A lifetime ago, I was an actor. I’ve got a very expensive piece of paper that tells me so whenever I forget. But there are glimpses of that old life in my day-to-day. I am a celebrity blogger after all, which gives me a very good excuse to keep up with the best and the brightest in the showbiz business,who’s covering what magazine, and the latest casting news. It’s not the glitz and glam or the “who’s dating whom” bit that draws me in, but whether or not Matt Damon starring starring opposite Michael Douglas as Liberace’s gay love will be good for his career. Is Steven Soderbergh ready to make his directorial return with the biopic after stepping out on wife and former “E! News” correspondent Jules Asner and fathering a child with another woman? Or is it all just a ruse if the likes of Channing Tatum in a stripper flick can convince him to stay in the biz? On a lighter note, will Bridesmaids come anywhere close to its male counterpart The Hangover at the box office? If not, I certainly won’t be blaming the ridiculously talented cast or that fact that “Saturday Night Live” funny lady Kristen Wiig co-wrote the screenplay

As you can see, the depth and breadth of my celeb knowledge is vast. Something of which to be ashamed? Or is it simply that I’ve been prepared over the last decade for such a time as this? Who can really say. All I know is that while I can’t do head math very well and got lost going to my own wedding (the venue was in the same neighborhood the hubs had lived in the entire time we were dating) and can’t remember how to navigate the directions to some of my favorite spots in Nashville (these two don’t exactly make for getting out much these days), I can very easily tell you where Wiig and costar and real-life pregnant BFF Maya Rudolph both studied improv (The Groundlings in L.A., a funny person breeding ground second only to Second City Chicago, home of The Tina) before starring on “SNL” together. Oh, and if you ever feel up for playing “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” with me–stop while you’re ahead. I actually attended the same Governor’s School Program in Pennsylvania as the acting everyman. What’s that–one degree?

It is what it is, folks, and I really love it. I get to write about the likes of Hollywood (and other things) from home while O and Ro are dismantling CD cases at my feet. It’s a glorious life, and I’m thankful for it.

By the by, I get a huge kick out of people raising their eyebrows about the fact that I write about celebrities (Duchess Catherine Middleton’s train on that Sarah Burton for the celebrated Alexander McQueen gown was a mere 10 feet long–as opposed to Princess Diana’s at 25 feet. Get the knock-off here), but when no one else is around, they’ll totally hit me up for news on their favorites. Is she really dating him? He dumped her for that chick in that movie? So did she get plastic surgery or just fillers?

You betcha. You’ve come to the right source. Go ahead, and ask away.