This past Saturday, the hubs and I (and nearly everyone we know) headed to Vanderbilt Stadium to see U2 play in our hometown of Nashville. It had been 30 years since the Irish rockers had come back to Music City, dare I say because this town is notorious for it’s tough crowds filled with career musicians. Bono intimidated? Yeah, pretty hard to fathom.

The city was a abuzz with talk of the concert (my fourth and the hubs’s fifth) for weeks. Who knew the most U2 trivia and could give us new tidbits on our (corporate) fave band ? What would the set list be like? More “Achtung, Baby” this time? Word. We were no longer known by name–just by seating section. P-43-8? Absolutely.

U2 Set

For me, the band just gets better with age and time. There show was incredible. The set amazing and the fans devout. In so many ways, U2 shows seems like a church service to me. All these people united by music that transcends circumstance or situation. It’s not an escape, really, but an inspiration. And my purse got doused with beer on multiple occasions. Hey, at least it was Guinness. How fitting–the Irish beer.

One of the most fantastic moments of the show (and there were many) for me was when old video footage of the band from decades back was shown on that rockin’ set. And then the obvious hit me again: These guys have been together FOREVER. They’ve known each other since high school. There haven’t been rotating band members. They’ve been to one another’s weddings and been there for each other as their families have grown.

But the thing, is these guys have been in another successful marriage all these years–with their band. There are stories of how Edge, Larry, Adam and Bono have supported their brotherhood, of how they’ve literally and figuratively been willing to take a bullet for one another. So, while their music is… AWESOME, their story is legendary as well.

Imagine what they’ve seen and experienced together! How glad they are to have stuck it out together. Knowing how flawed we human beings are (ahem), it’s remarkable that they’ve maintained so many deep lifelong relationships.

Yes, U2 is one of world’s highest-paid musical acts. Of course, they’re stinkin’ rock stars who are filthy stinkin’ rich. I’d be lying if I said I don’t sometimes wish for a windfall and mad skills to put me in that stratospheric echelon. But at the end of the day–of this lifetime–I would absolutely love to have been as rich in relationship as the Brothers U2.