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ARCHIVES FOR October, 2011

“Hugging a Cactus”: Robert Downey, Jr. Calls for the Forgiveness of Mel Gibson
Maybe it was the fact that my twin girls O and Ro woke up chattering and partying at 5 a.m. (The entire fam fell back asleep by 6:30--I did not. But the bath tub's clean due to my insomnia. Score?!) Or maybe it was the fact that as a celeb blogger I feel some major remorse for covering his personal ...more»
Bicycling: Breaking Wind for Community
First, it should be said that I go for pictures first when I look at a book, so it only makes sense that I looked for a pic for this post prior to writing it. Second, it should be said, in full disclosure, that of those "cyclist" pics, some were of nude yet body-painted folks. This seems so awfully wrong. Third, also ...more»
Celebrating the Humanity of Steve Jobs
When Apple co-founder and technology genius Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday, October 5, the world responded via the devices he imagined and created. I've already written about his passing, but my thoughts are still resting on the life and too-soon death of Jobs. Why has his story impacted so many of us so much? In the end, what I'm ...more»