I’m a fan of Emma Stone’s. If I’d stayed an actor, hers is the career I’d want. Smart, witty, easy-going, confident, gorgeous. (Fingers crossed) A good role model for O and Ro.

Being completely transparent, I kinda wanna be her now. Especially after that Oscars bit. Who can make Ben Stiller the straight guy in the schtick? Emma Stone, that’s who. Brilliant.

She has other fans–fans like Jim Carrey. But my admiration is not quite so… “out there.” I just think she’s got a rare talent, so you, Jim, and I will be seeing much more of her in the future. (Cue: Jimmy’s squeal.)

Part of her appeal for the male set, I hear, is that deep, husky voice of hers. (Jimmy?) It sets her apart from other 20-something starlets and makes her memorable.

In an interview of the Emster with David Letterman, Stone says she suffered from colic as a baby, telling Letterman, “I was screaming constantly in discomfort, and I think my mom really had a lovely time with that.” Yeah, I’ll bet.

But all that screaming and crying caused scarring on her vocal chords, thus Stone’s husky voice. Her wailing as an inconsolable infant created an imperfection that is now unique to her. It makes her special. It’s “Emma Stone.”

What was once a huge problem created an asset. Which makes me think about myself. How life’s worst leave their mark, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Just ask Emma Stone.

Or Jimmy.

Or you. Got any scars that make you shiny?