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Bicycling: Breaking Wind for Community
First, it should be said that I go for pictures first when I look at a book, so it only makes sense that I looked for a pic for this post prior to writing it. Second, it should be said, in full disclosure, that of those "cyclist" pics, some were of nude yet body-painted folks. This seems so awfully wrong. Third, also ...more»
I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
As I sit in this cafe working and typing away, I am at once a spiritual dichotomy. Go figure. I'm happily writing away, hammering out words without distraction. Currently, Muse's "Starlight" (the anthem accompanying that "Crazy Stupid Love" trailer--can't wait!) is playing overhead: Our hopes and expectations Black holes and revelations Our hopes and expectations Black holes and revelations Yes, in general, happy. Until those ...more»
Go Ahead. Ask Away.
A lifetime ago, I was an actor. I've got a very expensive piece of paper that tells me so whenever I forget. But there are glimpses of that old life in my day-to-day. I am a celebrity blogger after all, which gives me a very good excuse to keep up with the best and the brightest in the showbiz business,who's ...more»