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The Brothers U2
This past Saturday, the hubs and I (and nearly everyone we know) headed to Vanderbilt Stadium to see U2 play in our hometown of Nashville. It had been 30 years since the Irish rockers had come back to Music City, dare I say because this town is notorious for it's tough crowds filled with career musicians. Bono intimidated? Yeah, pretty ...more»
‘Bossypants’ Tina Fey Hits the Publishing World April 5
Look who has a new memoir-like-ish book Bossypants coming out on April 5. It's the mother of the daughter Alice who coined, "I want to go to there." That's right. Tina Fey, the crush of Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson,  is letting the laymen in on the inner-workings of her comedic/twisted/genius mind, and I for one, am ready to say, "Yes, ...more»
Michael Kalish: Color-blind Visionary
Michael Kalish, "Beatlemania", 2008 License plates on aluminum, 135" x 60" (triptych) Once upon a time, back in my wild single days (gross exaggeration), I once lived with two incredibly (somewhat sickeningly) beautiful and (enviously) talented girls. Thankfully, they were both sweet and humble, too. They were driven, gifted, successful and constantly dating. I literally sat at home on Saturday nights watching them ...more»