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ARCHIVES FOR Perspectivity

What Makes Emma Stone Shiny
I'm a fan of Emma Stone's. If I'd stayed an actor, hers is the career I'd want. Smart, witty, easy-going, confident, gorgeous. (Fingers crossed) A good role model for O and Ro. Being completely transparent, I kinda wanna be her now. Especially after that Oscars bit. Who can make Ben Stiller the straight guy in the schtick? Emma Stone, that's who. ...more»
A Penn State Alum’s Reaction to “The Sandusky Scandal” & Other Things That Deserve New Names
The first time my mother saw my father watch a Penn State football game, she took off her engagement ring, threw it at him, and promptly left. My father Wilson is a sweet, humble, kind, fun-loving, jovial man. So wonderful is dear old dad that when my mother continued dating other fellas back in the day (they met when they were ...more»
“Hugging a Cactus”: Robert Downey, Jr. Calls for the Forgiveness of Mel Gibson
Maybe it was the fact that my twin girls O and Ro woke up chattering and partying at 5 a.m. (The entire fam fell back asleep by 6:30--I did not. But the bath tub's clean due to my insomnia. Score?!) Or maybe it was the fact that as a celeb blogger I feel some major remorse for covering his personal ...more»
Bicycling: Breaking Wind for Community
First, it should be said that I go for pictures first when I look at a book, so it only makes sense that I looked for a pic for this post prior to writing it. Second, it should be said, in full disclosure, that of those "cyclist" pics, some were of nude yet body-painted folks. This seems so awfully wrong. Third, also ...more»